Friday, August 14, 2009

District 9

Review by Matt Piccirillo

Rated R
Running time: 112 minutes
Matt’s Mark: 9.5 out of 10

If you are a fan of Sci-Fi aliens with a documentary film style, then I recommend DISTRICT 9, the latest from Oscar winner Peter Jackson who produced this film. This is not your typical sci-fi flick because of its film style (which is a good thing). DISTRICT 9 also combines the elements of drama and action with documentary captions and social commentary.

For this being his motion picture directing debut, Neill Blomkamp has created something special. He not only directed DISTRICT 9, but he wrote the screenplay with Terri Tatchell. Blomkamp is best known for his advertising work, short films, and contribution to visual effects. He was the creator of the short "Alive in Joburg" (which is the impressive original to DISTRICT 9).

DISTRICT 9 is worth every cent of the movie ticket price. Blomkamp isn’t afraid to show blood. The film can be brutal at times, but it’s done in a way where it doesn’t fall into the gore genre.

The story takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa and follows Wikus Van De Merwe played by Sharlto Copley. Copley is a South African filmmaker turned actor and he's delivered a memorable performance. Copley portrays a man who gets framed and becomes part of an experiment by Multi-National United (MNU). MNU was set up to quarantine the aliens whose ship landed above the African city nearly 30 years ago. DISTRICT 9 includes Man vs. Aliens and Man vs. Man combat.

This is the best Sci-Fi film I have seen this year. It is solid. Strong writing and directing, believable characters and good acting, impressive visual effects and sound editing all add up to an entertaining time at the movies. Isn’t that why we go to the movies? It sure is. So go on and enter DISTRICT 9.

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