Saturday, July 25, 2009


Review by Matt Piccirillo

Running Time: 90 min
Rated: PG
Matt's Mark: 6 out of 10

G-FORCE is the latest film from Walt Disney Studios and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. It is a strange pairing indeed. Oh how strange quickly turns out to be dull.

The story is about CGI guinea pigs that are voiced by Sam Rockwell, Penélope Cruz, and Tracy Morgan, and a smart mole voiced by Nicolas Cage, all on a mission to steal vital information in Project Clusterstorm. But the hole doesn’t come from first-time director Hoyt Yeatman who has been involved with the visual-effects side of movies, it comes comes from the movie's plot.

I am not going to give a tell all about the plot for fear of making this review as painful as the movie. Instead, you should know Yeatman does do a decent job working in the 3-D visuals with flying bugs and a nice scene involving the rodents driving through a fireworks show. Yes, I said rodents driving.

The music by Trevor Rabin was placed well throughout the film. Songs from The Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga made the movie fun to Just Dance to at times. But still I Got a Feeling that G-Force did not have that Boom Boom Pow.

G-FORCE is what it is. It’s an action adventure for children with a few one liners that could make a kindergartner laugh like “poop in his hand” and “get your butt out of my face.” - Matt Piccirillo

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